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Someone got invited to one of the servers that i'm in. When he joined the server we could not see his name on the member list. The person that had invited him told us that his discord would not load the server. He tried rejoining a couple of times and all that had changed is that his name now did appear on the member list. This server is meant so that you can advertise your server and others will ask you to join their server and they join your server. This is what J4J is, its a simple 4 channel/1 category discord server meant for self advertising and getting free members fast, good luck! Sep 01, 2019 · Check out Dyno’s list of commands here. Dyno can be invited to your server by logging into its web panel. According to Discord Bot List, these three bots can be found in millions of Discord servers. They are three of the most popular bots on the entire platform, so their security and stability should far exceed alternatives. Discord Servers & Bot List. Explore thousands of Discord servers, bots and much more! Gaming Esports Furry Among Us Emotes Subreddits. ... 116 Members. THE TITANS.